JCY International Berhad

另一家受惠于美金走强的公司,这家公司主要是生产 Harddisk 零件。

Harddisk 啊,听起来就感觉很多人没有用了,哈哈哈,所以,JCY 在 2013 年进入了亏损业绩。

经过一番努力,JCY 在 2014 年开始转亏为盈,公司很努力地减低成本,自动化生产系统,一系列的改革开始见效。

Western Digital 和 Maxtor 都是它的客户。

2015 年上半年,业绩倾向好的一面,那下半年如何?

Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) shipment numbers released recently for the 31 March 2015 quarter continue to reveal softness in PC builds with output down slightly compared with the shipment number in the previous financial quarter. However, enterprise shipments are expected to recover in the second half of the year on increased demand from traditional storage/server vendors as well as hyperscale companies.

The Sony Playstation 4 finally commenced selling in China towards the end of March 2015 and the prospective PC refresh cycle resulting from Windows 10 may help to improve HDD shipments for the second half of 2015. The demand for cloud infrastructure and enterprise applications will continue to make up for the reduction in PC shipments.

The recent appreciation of the US Dollar relative to Ringgit Malaysia will continue to benefit JCY’s results as all JCY’s sales are denominated in U.S. Dollars. JCY will continue to automate its
production process to improve productivity and reduce reliance on manual workers. JCY’s competitive strengths of economies of scale and multi-components capability will enhance JCY’s future profitability.


以价值的角度去看,一家能赚大概 10 sens 一年的公司,明显被低估了,再说一年估计有 5 sens 的股息,大概 6.67% 的 DY,这相当吸引人。


坏的一面是,公司的股票流通量不高,再说 Harddisk 怎么说都会过时的产品,当 Cloud Computing 来的时候,如果公司能卖给这些 Cloud 的公司,那还好,如果不能,就是负面的影响了。

不过,据我所知,目前公司 aim 的客户都是公司,而不是私人。

注明: 我的资料只供参考,我不对任何看了我的文章而进行买卖的亏损负责任,要知道,买卖自负哦。


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