Thursday, May 21, 2015

Padini 2015 3Q Report

Year-on-year, revenues for the quarter under review have risen by about 29.6% (RM64.8million). This was mainly due to the longer Chinese New Year shopping season available this year. Further to that, there was an additional 7 Brand Outlet Stores and 6 Padini Concept Stores that were opened after the end of the previous year’s corresponding quarter contributing to the revenues of the quarter under review.


下一季应该能看到 GST 的影响,估计不会比这个季好看。



大马政府,一直以来都是国阵的囊中物,一度执政接近 61 年,也是世界上执政最久的政党,不过,这个周三,也就是 2018 年 5 月 9 号,大马变天了,由以敦马为首的希望联盟,攻破了国阵的城墙,成功赢得大多数议席执政。 对我来说,这是可喜的,毕竟我是相信两线制的人,任何的政党...