Thursday, May 21, 2015

Padini 2015 3Q Report

Year-on-year, revenues for the quarter under review have risen by about 29.6% (RM64.8million). This was mainly due to the longer Chinese New Year shopping season available this year. Further to that, there was an additional 7 Brand Outlet Stores and 6 Padini Concept Stores that were opened after the end of the previous year’s corresponding quarter contributing to the revenues of the quarter under review.


下一季应该能看到 GST 的影响,估计不会比这个季好看。



新年的时候,阿强找我喝茶,吹水中他问我还有没有办股票课程。 我说: “没有了,我办课程只不过是玩玩而已,试试不同的分享方式,办了十二场,玩够了” 阿强: “哦,你真的很笨,这是赚钱的东西啊,你看现在的网上,到处都看到股票课程的广告,如果你坚持办下去,一定赚大钱的” 我的心离一离,...