Thursday, May 15, 2014

Aeon 2014 1Q Report


强如 Aeon 也有业绩下滑的迹象,从季报里说到:

Profit before taxation of RM66.7 million was however 10.8% lower as compared to RM74.8 million in the previous year corresponding quarter mainly due to higher utilities and promotion expenses as well as initial costs associated with new stores opening.


The Malaysian economy is expected to remain resilient in 2014 even though domestic consumption will be facing challenges from rising cost of living as a result of increase in prices of goods and services.

The Group, leveraging on its 30th year anniversary activities, competitive strengths and refurbishment programme, remains optimistic of an improved performance for 2014.


【旧文】 刻骨铭心的股役

我 2004 年 8 月开始投资,一共有了 5.5 年的经验, 在这 5 年里,我经过两个很刻骨铭心的股役,第一个是 Megan,一个让我身家变为 0 的股项,另一个就是大家 都不敢碰的 LCL。 我今天不谈我以往的故事,而只是想分享一下我在 LCL 的日子。 我应该是从...